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How did the former Senior Editor of Road & Track start making Paint Restoration Systems?

The SUPERBIRD product line was founded by Jim Hall, the former Senior Editor of the popular car magazine, Road & Track. Jim helps his fellow aviation and automotive enthusiasts make their airplane's and car's paint look like new again...for the FRACTION of the price of a new paint job!

Jim has restored numerous cars over the year - his latest project being a rare factory V-8-powered 1966 Dodge Dart GT Convertible - and is the proud owner of a 1966 Cessna 172. Upon completion of the Dart, he plans on taking on a new project: the assembly of a four-seat Vans RV-10 kit airplane.

From this experience as both an automotive and aviation enthusiast, Jim realized that most paint restoration and detailing products overpromised, underdelivered, and were often overpriced to boot.

Jim knew that he could engineer something better: affordable, premium quality cleaning and paint restoration products utilizing the latest advanced and eco-friendly technology to deliver the best results possible.

Engineered & manufactured in the USA

Engineered and manufactured with pride right here in the United States, SUPERBIRD premium aircraft paint restoration and cleaning products make your aircraft or car look like new again...and at an absolute fraction of the cost of a new paint job!

SUPERBIRD cleaners, waxes and paint restoration products have been engineered to deliver outstanding paint luster and shine, superior protection with a long life and help to reduce dirt, dust and grime build-up between cleanings.

Every product in the SUPERBIRD lineup is engineered to be an environmentally-friendly low volatile organic compound (VOC) and/or VOC-compliant.

All SUPERBIRD products undergo a thorough research and development phase - along with a strict quality control/assurance regiment - and endure a comprehensive "real-world" test program on our own aircraft and cars prior to going on sale to the public.

What our customers are saying...

"I was skeptical, but I thought I would give this a try. After all, if it would improve the look of my paint even a little bit, it would still be way cheaper than getting my airplane repainted. This Paint Restoration System really did make my airplane's paint look like new again. Bottom line: I'm VERY happy with the results - my airplane's paint looks great, and this was MUCH CHEAPER than paying for a new paint job." - Kyle R.

"I've got an old pickup truck with really bad and faded paint that I use as a backup vehicle in my business (roofing contractor). My wife was giving me a hard time, saying I look so unprofessional when I pull up to a job site in such a 'crappy-looking truck.' Not wanting to pay to get it repainted, I tried this paint restoration system. Truck looks great now! The only down side is... my wife got mad at me - she thought I got the truck repainted!" - Robert W.

"The paint on my BMW was REALLY BAD. So faded & oxidized that it was more pink than red. After using Superbird, I can't believe the improvement. Not only does the car have a nice and shiny bright red color, but almost all of the light scratches that were in the surface before are now gone. After seeing my car, my friends are using Superbird on their cars too." – Wolfgang O.

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