AOPA Pilot magazine reviews the SUPERBIRD Paint Restoration System

November AOPA Pilot

The SUPERBIRD Paint Restoration System was recently reviewed by AOPA Pilot magazine in an article titled, "Putting A New Sheen on Old Paint: Freshen Up with the SUPERBIRD Paint Restoration System" in their November 2017 issue and in their video series, AOPA Live This Week for the week of October 26, 2017

The verdict? They loved it!

SUPERBIRD Aircraft Paint Restoration System costs less than $100.00!!!:


Here are some quotes from the reviewer, AOPA Technocal Editor, Jill Tallman:

"Two people working two days yielded tangible results: The white base coat was glossy. The previously flat gray accent paint and black stripes now had a depth and shine."

"...if you are curious about whether your airplane’s existing paint can look better, it’s worth the elbow grease and the nominal cost to find out."

Here are links to both the magazine article and the video:

Magazine article:






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