SUPERBIRD Automotive Prep Polish

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SUPERBIRD Automotive PREP POLISH effectively removes set-in dirt and grime from within painted surfaces without using harsh solvents or abrasives.

Simply apply three (3) dime size amounts on the proper SUPERBIRD 6-inch random orbital polisher foam pad (ORANGE) for each approximately one square foot to be polished, run the polisher across the vehicle surface using slow up and down and left and right motions until the polish turns clear, then wipe residue away with the proper high-quality SUPERBIRD microfiber towel (yellow).

This product prepares the surface prior to the application of Superbird Automotive FINAL POLISH to restore depth, clarity and color improvement to oxidized and faded exterior automotive paint. It is safe for use on all painted surfaces (metal, aluminum, fiberglass and carbon fiber) including those with a clear coat finish. 

This PREP POLISH is STEP #1 of the SUPERBIRD AUTOMOTIVE PAINT RESTORATION SYSTEM process that makes your car's paint look like new again...and at the fraction of the price of a new paint job!

  • Removes set-in dirt & grime
  • Deep cleans surface
  • Environmentally-friendly low volatile organic compound (VOC) formulation
  • Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA


Item Quantity: One (1)

Item Weight: Twelve (12) fluid ounces