Hi-Buff Deluxe Random Orbital Polisher

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The Hi-Buff Deluxe Random Orbital Polisher is the professional-grade polisher we here at Superbird use on our very own aircraft. We evaluated many different types and brands of orbital polishers while developing the Superbird Paint Restoration System, and we found this unit to be our overall favorite, giving it high marks for ease of use, operational and final result consistency, quality and durability.

It is a proven, high-quality polishing power tool that is the #1 choice among many professional automotive detailers. One of our associates has used been using the same Hi-Buff Deluxe Random Orbital Polisher for countless hours in his busy automotive/aircraft detailing business and claims it works just as well today as the first time he used it.

In addition to its high-quality look and feel, the reasons why this is our favorite orbital polisher for use with the Superbird Paint Restoration System are: 

  •  Choice of 6 different speed settings - allows user to operate the tool at a slower  or faster speed to best suit their own skill/comfort level
  •  Convenient built-in hand rest atop polishing end of tool
  •  Includes an additional quick-attachment handle that offers ambidextrous fitment  to either the left- or ride-side of the tool
  •  Orbital polishing head speed always remains consistent, allowing for an ideal  and even distribution of the cleaning product across the surface to achieve best  results
  •  Well-balanced weight distribution helps to reduce user fatigue, while also  allowing the  polishing pad to remain flat on the surface being polished/cleaned 


NOTE: Due to high demand, please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Item Quantity: One (1)

Item Weight: Eight (8) pounds

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