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The SUPERBIRD Super Cloth is the perfect cloth for cleaning your aircraft's glass - both inside and out.

Safe to use on Lexan/plexiglass windshields and windows, as well as your avionic's glass panel screens, the fabric strands are hundreds of times thinner than a human hair, trapping dirt/particulate and leaving a clean and streak-free surface finish.

- Manufactured in the USA 
- Removes dirt, dust, bugs, fingerprints, soap residue, brake dust and grease
- Just wet the Superbird Super Cloth, wring it out, and wipe - no need to use chemical solvents/cleaners
- Can also be used as a chamois to push water away/off of the surface of your aircraft (or car, motorcycle, boat, etc.) when washing
- Also leaves a streak-free finish on TVs, computers, windows, mirrors, granite countertops, tile, stainless-steel appliances, leather furniture, vinyl, automobiles and motorcycles


To ensure a long, useful life, clean the Superbird Super Cloth by hand washing with dish soap in warm water and let air dry (do NOT dry in a dryer as the cloth will attract lint)


Size - 16-inch by 16-inch

Weight - 130 grams