SUPERBIRD Deluxe Paint Restoration System - Cessna 172 Club

by Superbird
Save 23%

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*Same as the Super Deluxe system, minus the Hi-Buff Random Orbital Polisher*

The Superbird Deluxe Paint Restoration System includes everything in the Super Deluxe Paint Restoration System you need to completely restore your aircraft's paint like a professional - minus the Hi-Buff Deluxe Random Orbital Polisher. What's more, buying this system saves you almost $40.00 when compared to purchasing these products individually.

The Superbird Deluxe Paint Restoration System includes the following:


A complete set of Superbird Paint Restoration System products:

  • Dirt, Grime & Black Streak Remover – one (1) spray bottle

Step #1: Does the "heavy lifting" by removing unsightly dirt, grease and black streaks

  • Paint Cleaner – one (1) bottle

Step #2: Deep cleans the aircraft's surface and prepares it for the paint restoration process

  • Paint Restorer – one (1) bottle    

Step #3: Upon completion of the aircraft surface in the previous steps, the Paint Restorer is now able to work its magic, restoring shine and luster to the aircraft's previously dull paint

  • Paint Sealant – one (1) bottle

Step #4: This final step completes the paint restoration process by adding long-lasting protection to the aircraft's paint surface, including beneficial protection from the sun's harmful rays (utlraviolet UV protection).                                                                                     

A complete set of SUPERBIRD Cleaning Accessories:

  • High-Quality Microfiber Towels (white) – one (1) package, 10 towels per package 
  • High-Quality Deluxe Microfiber Towels (yellow) – one (1) package, four (4) towels per package
  • High-Quality Ultra-Soft Microfiber Towels (blue) – one (1) package, ten (10) towels per package
  • Orbital Polisher Buffing Pads - Orange – two (2) pads & Red - two (2) pads (6-inch diameter foam pads)


Note: Allow 1 to 2 weeks delivery due to demand 

Weight - 10 pounds