SUPERBIRD Aircraft Paint Restorer

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Superbird AIRCRAFT PAINT RESTORER is formulated to improve color and depth on painted or clear-coated surfaces while removing light scratches and swirls.

Follow by applying Superbird AIRCRAFT PAINT SEALANT to ensure a long-lasting protective shine.

Superbird AIRCRAFT PAINT RESTORER is STEP #3 of the Superbird PAINT RESTORATION SYSTEM process that makes your aircraft's paint look like new again...and at the fraction of the price of a new paint job!

  • Restores color & clarity of painted or clear-coated surfaces
  • Easy to apply by hand with a microfiber towel or using an orbital buffer 
  • Removes light scratches & swirl marks
  • Environmentally-friendly low volatile organic compound (VOC) formulation
  • Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA


Item Quantity: One (1)

Item Weight: Sixteen (16) fluid ounces

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