Welcome, Van's Air Force Members!

SUPERBIRD will donate a portion of the proceeds to Van's Air Force whenever you purchase any of these high-quality products. What's better than making your car or airplane look better than ever? How about making a financial contribution that benefits Doug Reeves and his excellent Van's Air Force website at the same time! :-)

Have an airplane or car with old paint that is faded and/or color is dull? Rejuvenate it with a SUPERBIRD Paint Restoration System! If its paint is already in great shape, give it long-lasting protection with SUPERBIRD Paint Sealant (plus it makes removing splatted-on bugs EASY!!!). And be sure to use the SUPERBIRD Super Cloth and SUPERBIRD microfiber towels for safe cleaning/drying of expensive Lexan/plexiglass windshields and surfaces.

All of our fine SUPERBIRD aircraft and automotive products are guaranteed - if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund.

SUPERBIRD Aircraft Paint Restoration System
minimum $5.00 donation (see below) to VAF 
    SUPERBIRD Automotive Paint Restoration System
    $10.00 donation to VAF
      SUPERBIRD Paint Sealant
      $3.00 donation to VAF
      SUPERBIRD Super Cloth 
      $1.00 donation to VAF for each Super Cloth purchased
      SUPERBIRD High-Quality Ultra-Soft Microfiber Towel 10-Pack 
      $5.00 donation to VAF