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Here's what some actual customers had to say after using the SUPERBIRD Paint Restoration System on their own aircraft:


"This was an amazing product. I'm always skeptical about advertising claims. But this product actually did restore the paint on my aircraft. I've owned the plane for 20 years, but it's never looked this good!" - Keith B.

"I was skeptical, but I thought I would give this a try. After all, if it would improve the look of my paint even a little bit, it would still be way cheaper than getting my airplane repainted. This Paint Restoration System really did make my airplane's paint look like new again. Bottom line: I'm VERY happy with the results - my airplane's paint looks great, and this was MUCH CHEAPER than paying for a new paint job." - Drivethe205

"I'm just getting started. Great product - I really like the results!" - Dan F. 

 "Thanks again for all of your help. The airplane looks very good now!" - Jill T.

"Hi Jim. Thanks for the detailed explanation re: swirl marks/water spots. Every bit of data helps. My plane looks great now - very bright and shiny - after using your paint restoration system." - Steve E