FREE Aircraft Exterior Cleaning Guide

The Superbird Guide to Aircraft Exterior Cleaning

Hi, I'm Jim Hall, founder of SUPERBIRD and former Senior Editor of Road & Track magazine.

We know that repainting a plane costs thousands of dollars... and that the best detailing tips are kept secret by the aircraft detailing professionals. But when our planes end up looking dull, stained, and dirty, we end up frustrated, a little embarrassed, and paralyzed by what to do.

That's why I've worked to present you with the best option for restoring and rejuvenating that tired-looking old, faded and/or dingy paint on all of our airplanes (FYI - mine's a 1966 Cessna 172G).

In this guide, you'll get insider information the pros have already used to get their planes looking their finest (even if your paint looks hopeless, these great tips and information within our guide should help make it look A LOT BETTER!).

Our all-new SUPERBIRD Aircraft Exterior Cleaning Guide is chock-full of helpful information including:

  • Preparing your aircraft for washing
  • Aircraft washing tips
  • How to properly clean your aircraft's windshield
  • How to properly wax your aircraft
  • Maintaining your aircraft's exterior paint finish
  • A handy aircraft cleaning supplies/tools/accessories checklist

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Here's what actual customers had to say after using the SUPERBIRD Aircraft Paint Restoration System - and the helpful tips in our free guide - on their own aircraft:

"I was skeptical, but I thought I would give this a try. After all, if it would improve the look of my paint even a little bit, it would still be way cheaper than getting my airplane repainted. This Paint Restoration System really did make my airplane's paint look like new again. Bottom line: I'm VERY happy with the results - my airplane's paint looks great, and this was MUCH CHEAPER than paying for a new paint job." - Drivethe205
"My plane looks great now - very bright and shiny - after following your paint restoration system." - Steve E