SUPERBIRD High-Quality Ultra-Soft Microfiber Towel (blue - 10 pack)


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This large (15 inches by 15 inches) and thick SUPERBIRD High-Quality Ultra-Soft Microfiber Towel is the perfect towel to use to dry your aircraft after washing.

Its blend of polyester and polyamide synthetic fibers help to push moisture away off of your aircraft's surface while helping to protect the paint with its abrasion-resistant material.

***Due to its ultra-soft texture, this is the ideal towel to use when cleaning your aircraft's expensive plexiglass/Lexan/polycarbonate windshield and/or windows. Make sure is clean/uncontaminated before using on these surfaces!!!*** 


NOTE: Due to high demand, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Item Quantity: One (1) pack containing ten (10) microfiber towels

Item Dimensions: 15 inches by 15 inches

Material Type: 70% polyester/30% polyamide

Item Weight: Approximately 5 oz.

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