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SUPERBIRD DIRT, GRIME & BLACK STREAK REMOVER quickly removes dirt, grime and black streaks with very little scrubbing or effort—just spray on and wipe off! It immediately begins working to penetrate and lift away dirt, grime and black streaks upon contact, making it an all-around great cleaner. 

SUPERBIRD DIRT, GRIME & BLACK STREAK REMOVER is STEP #1 of the SUPERBIRD AIRCRAFT PAINT RESTORATION SYSTEM process that makes your aircraft's paint look like new again...and at the fraction of the price of a new paint job!

  • Quickly & easily removes dirt & grime
  • Safe for use on painted metal, aluminum, & fiberglass surfaces
  • Environmentally-friendly volatile organic compound (VOC) compliant formulation
  • Proudly engineered and manufactured in the USA


Item Quantity: One (1)

Item Weight: Twenty-two (22) fluid ounces

WARNING: SUPERBIRD DIRT, GRIME & BLACK STREAK REMOVER has been engineered for use on painted or bare metal, aluminum and fiberglass surfaces—it has NOT been tested on fabric surfaces used on certain aircraft.

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